Here's What You Can Do Overnight In An Airport With Fancy Cameras

If you’ve ever been stuck overnight in an airport, you know how boring it can be — staring at the same empty Starbucks and listening to that annoying muzak for hours on end can drive a sane traveler crazy. That is, unless you happen to have $30k worth of camera equipment on hand and a taste for mischief.

Joe Ayala and Larry Chen (via The Daily What) were on their way back from a gig with said fancy cameras when they got stuck in the Dallas Fort Worth airport overnight after a canceled flight. They decided to document their night in a fun, and somewhat not exactly legal way, filming their beer-swilling, wheelchair racing, shoe-shining adventures.

The result is a short and entertaining film they call “Stuck,” and responses by airport officials that are relatively tame, considering they grabbed beer from an unattended restaurant and used the airport’s PA system.

Airport spokesman David Magaña said that while DFW thought it was cute and all, they shouldn’t have been in the eatery after hours. “The video did point out the need to better secure this restaurant, and that issue is being addressed immediately,” he told MSNBC.

Security workers saw the pranksters but, “because the filmmakers were presenting no threat to themselves, to others or to flight safety, and were causing no damage, there was no imperative to curtail their activities.”

“And by the way, they also picked up after themselves, including the restroom,” Magaña said.

STUCK from Joe Ayala on Vimeo.

Humorous airport video no laughing matter for DFW officials [MSNBC]

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