False Bomb Threat Causes Scare On D.C.-Bound Flight

Authorities swept a plane that landed in Washington, D.C. after a flight from Dayton, Ohio, following a threat originating in Ohio that a bomb was on board. The search came up empty and the woman who made the threat is suspected to suffer mental health issues.

CNN reports the FBI says it learned of the threat when the plane was in the air, and at that point the flight was closer to D.C. than Dayton, so the flight was allowed to land there.

Once the plane landed, the passengers were deplaned and an investigator searched the baggage piece by piece. A U.S. Airways spokesperson said its express flights were delayed in a ripple effect from the incident.

If you’ve suffered such a scare on a flight before, what was your experience like?

Bomb threat prompts sweep of plane at Washington airport [CNN

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