DA Declines To Prosecute Man Arrested For Starting Community Garden

A Burlington, Vt. man who was arrested for starting a community garden on public property without proper permission won’t face further legal troubles, thanks to a district attorney who dropped the charges.

The Burlington Free Press reports the man faced a $500 fine for refusing to dismantle his roadside garden planter, constructed of 150 wine bottles.

The police department stands behind the arrest, on suspicion of unlawful mischief, says a police spokesperson:

“The installation was a safety hazard, and he was given an opportunity to remove it. There are other mechanisms in place for beautifying city property.”

The county state’s attorney diverted the gardener to the Community Justice Center, in which he says the man will likely “be given an opportunity to help make this a more beautiful city — but in a safer, more reasonable way.”

Burlington’s greenbelt gardener won’t face charges [Burlington Free Press via Fark]

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