Woman Acquitted For Slapping Other Trader Joe's Customer Over Pad Thai

A “freelance opera singer” who slapped another female Upper West Side Trader Joe’s customer in a fight over who would get the last package of frozen vegan pad-Thai dinner was acquitted yesterday, reports the New York Post.

This mean the prosecutors were not able to convincingly establish the slap was intended to cause injury.

The fracas started when the husband of the freelance opera singer jostled with the son of a doctor in the Trader Joe’s aisle as both went for the same frozen vegan pad-Thai dinner. According to testimony, the husband yelled at the son and the doctor yelled at the husband to stop yelling. The singer, who is from Philadelphia, started cursing and called the doctor and her sons “New York rude.” The singer testified that the doctor then rushed them while making “making grimaces and moving her head in a strange, animal-like manner.” The singer warned the doctor that she was going to slap her if she didn’t “get the f*ck” out of her “face.” When she didn’t, the singer slapped the doctor, who later pressed charges.

The incident, which garnered local and national attention, didn’t dampen the singer’s enthusiasm for shopping at the grocery store. “We go every week — we love Trader Joe’s!” she told the New York Post.

A win for pad Thai pummeler [New York Post]

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