IRS Gives $110,000 To Wrong Guy, Now He's In Jail

A California father is in jail and faces charges after the IRS deposited $110,000 in his account that should have gone to another taxpayer, reports KCAL.

The money was supposed to go to an elderly woman, but she had provided incorrect bank account info to the IRS. When the seeming windfall hit his bank account, the man spent it on saving his house from foreclosure and paying off student loans.

Los Angeles prosecutors say the man failed to notify authorities of the error and charged him with one felony count of grand theft by misappropriation of lost property. The man could face up to four years in jail if convicted.

The man offered to return to the woman the $65,000 that was left over and make monthly payments on the rest but she rejected the offer as she wanted the monthly payments to be higher.

It’s easier to make the call when you don’t have one-hundred grand staring at you from your own account, but this is probably one gift horse he should have looked in the mouth of.

Prosecutor: OC Man Used $110K Tax Refund Error To Pay ‘Various Bills’ [CBS Los Angeles] (Thanks to Jon!)

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