Homeowner Says Bank Of America Foreclosed On Her After Advising Her To Miss Payments

A woman says she lost her home to Bank of America by following its advice to her that she skip mortgage payments. The woman had lived in the house for 25 years and began struggling with payments when she began battling breast cancer. When she asked the bank to help adjust her mortgage in 2009, she said the bank told her it couldn’t help her because she was current with her payments. Once she allowed herself to miss three payments, as she said the bank advised her to do, BofA did lower her mortgage payments, only to later foreclose on her.

St. George News reports the woman says BofA told her it thought that she hadn’t been paying her mortgage, and it discovered that her payments had not been processed properly, even though the checks cleared. After she thought she had the issue fixed, BofA told her she didn’t qualify for the loan modification program after all, despite the fact that her payment had been adjusted several months prior. The bank foreclosed again, and she and her daughter had to move into her father’s basement.

Says the woman, who has given up on getting her house back:

“I know I’ll never get my home back. But hopefully there’ll be some repercussions, some reciprocation.”

Bank of America Forecloses on Santa Clara Woman After Telling Her to Miss Her Payments [St. George News]
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