Toy Security Wand Lets Kids Play At Being TSA Agents

There’s nothing cooler than being a TSA agent for Homeland Security and now the Spy Gear Security Scanner lets kids live out their dreams. It’s a handheld security wand whose LED lights flash and an alarm goes off when it detects metal, just like the real thing!

Tipster and parent Bruce, who spotted the box at Toys R’ Us while shopping for a birthday present for his son, wrote, “One word: “Unbelievable.” We can now teach our kids early to be TSA thugs.”

Based on a few user reviews, after you adjust the sensitivity knob, the thing actually can find metal.

But is it fun? Just look at the box! A cheerful child holds his shirt open for the scanning. His other hand is lofted for a high-five. If that doesn’t spell fun, you might be a terrorist.

Rubber gloves sold separately.

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