Jiffy Lube Ditches Dubious Oil Change Frequency Stance

One of the great myths of car maintenance — that vehicles need oil changes every 3,000 miles — has taken a significant hit now that Jiffy Lube has changed its policy and will no longer recommend oil changes to customers on that schedule.

USA Today reports franchisees will use a computerized system that takes factors including severity of driving into account to provide a tailored service schedule for each customer.

Jiffy Lube CEO Stu Crum tells the newspaper that nearly half of customers who tested the system classified their driving as “severe,” garnering recommendations of oil changes averaging every 3,502 miles.

A vehicle’s manual is the best source for the recommended oil change frequency. Some manufacturers suggest oil changes every 10,000 miles, and some newer vehicles have indicators that tell drivers when they are ready for a change.

Have you fallen victim to the 3,000 mile myth? How often do you change your oil these days?

Jiffy Lube changes 3,000-mile rule for oil changes [USA Today]
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