If You Get This Green Postcard, Don't Call The Number

Reader Michael reports he got a funny little green postcard in the mail telling him he had a package waiting for him. It said that he should call this toll-free number to schedule a pickup. Suspicious, he Googled around and it turns out that if you call the number they try to pitch you on vacation rentals. The “package” is simply a packet of brochures pimping their services

See, if they can induce you into calling THEM, they can get around all those rules telemarketers have to follow about when and how they’re allowed to contact you.

Smart! Sort of. What sort of person would go, “oh, I thought I was getting a package in the mail from a friend or family member, but now you actually just want to sell me on “vacation deals?” Great! Sign me up!”

Suffice to say, if you get one of these postcards in the mail, chuck it.

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