Steven Seagal's Driveway Under Siege By Homeowners Association

Action star — and occasional reserve deputy sheriff — Steven Seagal is locked in deadly battle of e-mails and lawyers with his Scottsdale, AZ, HOA after, according to the actor, the association decided to decorate the road in front of his home with boulders.

According to Seagal’s lawyer, there is a lot of work being done on the actor’s home and the HOA was peeved about all the workers’ vehicles out in front of the property.

The lawyer and the HOA exchanged e-mails about the situation, but then last week the actor came home to find the boulders lining both sides of the street, effectively preventing cars from parking outside.

“I was shocked to see that someone, I’m assuming the homeowners association, dropped these boulders off on both sides of my house where I own the property,” Seagal tells Phoenix’s ABC 15.

Or at least we think it’s him. Seagal apparently asked ABC15 to “not show what he looks like right now because he says he’s working on some undercover projects with law enforcement.”

Regardless, the faceless voice that sounds like Seagal (see video below and judge for yourself) says the boulders aren’t just an eyesore, but an accident waiting to happen: “It’s causing a danger and a hazard to anyone who comes up and down the road.”

Scottsdale HOA takes on Steven Seagal

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