Apple No Longer Requires In-App Subscriptions To Be Best Available Deals

Apple has tinkered with its in-app subscription purchases policies, making things more flexible for publishers and possibly more difficult for consumers. Previously, Apple required publishers to charge their lowest prices for subscriptions purchased within apps, but now Apple has dropped pricing restrictions.

Also, reports The Wall Street Journal (subscription required), Apple did away with a rule that forced media app developers to sell content exclusively through iTunes, meaning magazines aren’t forced to offer subscriptions through their iPad apps.

The butterfly effect of the policy changes remain to be seen, but potentially the shifts will allow magazines to make more money through iPad apps, which could translate to stronger products. On the other hand, readers might want to pause before subscribing to magazines through their apps and look around for better deals before committing. Publishers could charge more to make up for Apple’s cut of their subscription fees.

If you have an iPad, what publications do you subscribe to?

Apple Shifts App Guidelines In Tussle With Media Cos [The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) via MacRumors]

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