My UPS Package Was Delivered, Just Not To Me

UPS claims that it has done its job: Adam’s package, a gift that his wife got for him from Gamestop, was “delivered.” And it was. Just not to him. Or to his house. Or, as far as he can determine, to anyone in his neighborhood. See, he was home, and a large brown truck is hard to miss.

I recently ordered two games via Gamestop’s website. The first game, Infamous 2, has been my most anticipated release for ages, and I gladly paid for expedited UPS shipping in order to receive it ASAP.

Yesterday afternoon, while sitting on my porch and enjoying the nice weather, I decided to check my tracking number to see when it would be delivered. To my surprise, it was listed as being delivered to my porch 5 minutes earlier! Having sat there for a few hours, there was absolutely no way that I would have missed a giant brown truck delivering an item that I was eagerly anticipating. Figuring that it might be an error, I waited the rest of the afternoon / evening, but I was never visited by UPS.

This morning, I called UPS to report the missing delivery. According to them, as a receiver, I can not file a complaint, only the shipper can. Calling Gamestop, I was told that since their records indicate that the item was “delivered”, that it’s out of their hands. What frustrates me more, is that the second game that I ordered is not scheduled to ship for another week, and they won’t even let me cancel that.

At this point, I’ve just been going in circles trying to get some sort of resolution out of this, and have been stuck in customer service hell. I know that the usual response would be to not deal with Gamestop to begin with, but both games were purchased for me as an anniversary gift from my wife. Now we both sit here frustrated, while I can only imagine that there is a guy in khaki shorts enjoying my copy of Infamous 2.

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