Walk Your Family To The Airplane With A Gate Pass

A lot of big dramatic scenes in movies where there’s a last ditch effort by one lover to make it right with another lover by grabbing them just before they get on the plane don’t seem like they could happen these days with new restrictions that make it so you have to buy a ticket in order to go past security. But it turns out they could still happen, we would just have to have an explanatory side-scene where they ask the ticket counter for what’s called a “gate pass.”

Lifehacker explains how these gate passes work. Basically they allow you to go through security and go all the way to the gate, just not get on the plane.

They’re free and all you have to do is ask for one. It will help if you have the ticketholder standing next to you at the counter at the time – sorry, Hollywood – and securing yours at least an hour in advance of the flight is a wise move too.

Family Going on a Trip? You Can Walk them All the Way to the Boarding Gate if You Ask [Lifehacker]

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