Determined Camper Opens Closed Campground Without Permission

A Michigan camp site that was officially shut down in 2009 has been revived, apparently due to the work of a Robin Hood-like camping enthusiast who has done a bunch of work for free. Officials from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources are not amused, and are hoping to identify the person responsible.

The Mining Journal reports the camping crusader mowed the grass, pushed boulders out of the way of the site, removed a bunch of dirt meant to block access and re-opened shuttered bathrooms.

Michigan DNR officials say they aren’t sure whether the work was done by someone who just really wanted to do some Memorial Day weekend camping, or if it was a political statement meant to protest the office’s announcement that it will close 23 more state campgrounds.

Campground closed in 2009 illegally reopened [The Mining Journal, via Fark]

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