The Dangers Of Over-Caffeination

It’s tempting to gulp down coffee and energy drinks in order to snap out of a dreary funk, but there’s a price to pay for your added energy and alertness. High levels of caffeine tend to come with side effects.

MedicineNet, which notes that while coffee drinking may prevent type 2 diabetes, caffeine also causes some drawbacks:

*Those with high blood pressure can put themselves at risk by drinking too much caffeine, which is known to temporarily increase blood pressure, possibly causing complications.

*High caffeine consumption can lead to hospitalization. Abuse can lead to “insomnia, tremors, nausea, vomiting, chest pains, and palpitations.”

*Soft drinks can weaken your bones. The story cites a American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study that found daily soft drinks tend to reduce bone mineral density in women, although regular soft drinks may not harm men in the same way.

What role does caffeine play in your life, and what negatives has it caused you?

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