Get A Refund After An Airfare Pricedrop

It is possible to get a refund for the difference if the airfare drops after you buy your ticket, but you’ll usually have to fly one of these three airlines to make it worth your while.

As the Courier-Journal reports, most airlines treat the fare adjustment like a ticket change, so you’ll incur a ticket change fee to get your refund. With those fees being $100-$150, it’ll have to be a pretty big change in fares for the refund to make sense. Otherwise you’ll end up paying more in fees than you get in refund.

Three airlines do offer refunds on any price drop, Southwest, Alaska and JetBlue. So how do you keep track of it without turning into some kind of click monkey? A free site called Yapta lets you track the price of your airfare after you buy your ticket and emails you notifications.

Refunds possible if fare falls later: But most airlines will charge a fee [Courier Journal via Lifehacker via SavvySugar]

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