Court Threatens BofA Bank Manager With Jail Over Foreclosure

A Bank of America bank manager could end up in jail if the bank doesn’t demolish a fire-damaged eyesore, a Georgia court has warned.

AJC reports that the bank has said it really wish it could help out but that it doesn’t own the home. The bank has not appeared in court when summoned by the city and won’t explain how it doesn’t own the house, despite taking it over in 2008 after it fell into foreclosure.

“The bank does not own this property and cannot itself take any action towards demolishing it,” a BofA spokesperson told AJC, “but we recognize the city’s concerns and the need to get this resolved.”

The city has been trying to get the bank to tear down the property for six months, following repeated complaints from neighbors. The bank has incurred over $20,000 in fines from the city over the house. This includes a $500 a day fine that started ticking several months ago.

City attorney Deana Johnson told AJC that the situation was unusual because in most cases where a foreclosure breaks code, banks “go fix it and there’s no problem.”

BofA said they were in talks with the city to have the situation resolved. I bet the bank manager hopes that’s sometime before they fit him for his prison blues.

Vacant Riverdale home spurs court threats [AJC] (Thanks to Kevin!)

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