Walmart Caught Shortchanging Customers With Gift Receipts

Next time you return an item to Walmart using a gift receipt, make sure to check your change. You could be getting less than you deserve and not even know it, reports CBS Sacramento. The problem is if the item goes on sale after it was bought. Poorly trained cashiers will refund the sale price instead of the original price. And because gift receipts are generally set up so that they don’t list the price the item was bought for, the person making the return isn’t even aware that they should be getting more back.

I can see how the problem could also show up at other stores too besides Walmart. So whenever you make a return using a gift receipt, be sure to ask the cashier to check if the number showing up on their screen is the sale price or the original price, and then make sure they’re giving you the full amount back as a refund or credit.

Reached for comment, Walmart told CBS 13 in a statement, “It is our practice to refund the original price paid to the customer when returning an item with a gift receipt. We will be communicating with our store associates to reinforce our practice.”

Call Kurtis Investigation: Walmart Shortchanging Customers Using Gift Receipts [CBS Sacramento]

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