Target Redefines "Price Cut" To Mean "Add 37 Cents To That Price"

Math is hard, right? Plus, minus, add, subtract… argh! So maybe we’ll have to forgive Target for their confusing advertising when it comes to a “price cut” on deoderant.

Eagle-eyed Consumerist reader Victor I. slid back an ad for $2.34 Degree deodorant labeled “Price Cut!” to reveal its original price, and in doing so, outed Target as being not so good at math.

He writes:

Target had a price cut on Degree deodorant this week to only $2.34. Yay!! Unfortunately, the old price was $1.97, so this “cut” was really a raise in price of 37 cents. Boo!! The old price was accessible under the “Price Cut” tag, so I just slid them so they were side by side for comparison’s sake. Target, you stay classy now!

The proof is in the pudding, and in this case, the pudding reveals that there’s a 37-cent raise in prices. Back to school for you, Target.


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