Man Skips Around Dell Hell And Gets Free Repair

One of our reader’s Dell laptop had a defective NVIDIA chip and wouldn’t you know it, it was out of warranty and he had missed the window for getting it replaced as provided by a class action lawsuit by a month. It was dying for exactly the same reasons as defined in the lawsuit, but he just barely didn’t make the deadline. He didn’t let that stop him.

Calls to Dell’s support lines were, as expected, useless. They refused his request each time. So he took his story to Twitter, emailed Michael Dell, and reached out to Dell employees through their community forums. Within days, he had a prepaid shipping box to send in his defective laptop and within 10 days, he got it back totally fixed for free.

The takeaway? As the blogger himself writes, “Don’t let the bottom tier of support lock you out of a free repair. Go public, go to Twitter, go to Facebook, go to Dell Community, and email Michael Dell.”

My Journey to Dell Hell and Back [The Demo Gamer]

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