GameStop Pushes Questionable Download Insurance

GameStop wants to make sure you’re taken care of if you buy a PC game from its site, then lose it and need to re-download it. The seller is kind enough to add download insurance to your cart automatically, just in case you forget to pick it up yourself before you check out. Sarcasm aside, the pushy salesmanship is no doubt overlooked by those who just want to click buttons until their game starts to download.

Reddit posts a complaint from a user who was charged $3.95 to insure his $4.99 game. The insurance lasts 18 months, after which you’re presumably out of luck if you lose the download.

Kotaku notes that download service Steam lets users re-download games, which are tied to their account, without attempting to charge them for this insurance nonsense.

What is this crap GameStop? [Reddit via Kotaku]

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