Lockheed Martin Says Hackers Didn't Get Sensitive Info In Data Breach

On May 21, hackers breached the defenses of aerospace/defense/security mega-contractor Lockheed Martin, causing cyber detectives to converge at the company’s Washington, D.C.-area headquarters. The experts have yet to track down the origins of the attack, but insist they didn’t make off with any sensitive information.

Reuters reports the Pentagon is working with Lockheed, which builds fighter jets and satellites, among other equipment for the U.S., in order to discover the size and impact of the attack. Judging from a job posting for a lead computer forensic examiner from two weeks ago, which requires the understanding of “attack signatures, tactics, techniques and procedures associated with advanced threats,” Lockheed is all too aware of its security needs.

What do you make of the recent rash of cyber-attacks that have drawn media attention? Do you think hackers have been more active and successful than usual, or is it just that normally hidden breaches have become more visible?

Lockheed’s cyber cops sift through hacker evidence [Reuters via New York]

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