Oregon Lawmakers Want To Cash Out Small-Balance Gift Cards

Gift cards with just a few bucks left on them are nagging annoyances. Oregon’s state house is fed up with the glorified plastic coupons and passed a bill that would require businesses to let customers exchange them for cash.

The Oregonian reports a legislator who supports the bill said those who live in the state are saddled with $100 million worth of unredeemed gift cards. The law wouldn’t apply to prepaid phone cards, online certificates or cards that businesses give away.

I still have an Olive Garden card that I’ve had for several years that presumably still has a buck or so remaining on it. What’s the longest-tenured, smallest-value gift card that’s stuck in your wallet?

A few bucks left on that gift card? Oregon house votes to let you redeem for cash [The Oregonian]
(Thanks, Alex!)

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