Local News Site Might Want To Reconsider Ad Positioning With Severe Weather Imagery

Paging the sensitivity department: Someone at Oklahoma News 9 wasn’t paying very close attention to ad programming in light of yesterday’s devastating tornado in Joplin, Mo., which reportedly killed 89 people, caused likely millions in damage to homes and businesses and laid waste to a large area.

It’s normally all well and good to use meteorological imagery to advertise something like say, Cox cable services, on a site with weather information, but in this case, it looks a bit insensitive when placed above somber headlines about the destructive tornado.

One might think in a state not unfamiliar with tornados and the havoc they can wreak, someone might’ve caught this before it went on the site. Just sayin’.

cox cable screenshota.jpg

*Thanks to Consumerist reader Andrew R. for the tip.