Grocery Shrink Ray Hits Odwalla, Reducing From 15 To 12 oz

Myron Reducto is at it again, turning his Grocery Shrink Ray Gun on Odwalla juice, zapping it down to 12 oz from 15. The price is the same Odwalla has lowered the suggested retail price for the bottles, but some retailers have opted to keep the price the same. Like other food packagers, Odwalla is combining the shrinkage with a packaging redesign that it hopes will get more press. In this case, they are simultaneously rolling out bottles that are made from 100% plant based HDPE plastic.

Reader Naomi tweeted us a picture of one of the new bottles. Ain’t it cute?

By the way, here is how supermarkets callibrate their shrink ray guns:

Odwalla “Plastic” PlantBottle Now Made With 100% Plant Materials [Treehugger]

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