For Variety, Eater Of 25,000 Big Macs "Sometimes Eats Them Upside Down"

Yesterday Don Gorske set a new world record by eating his 25,000th Big Mac in his lifetime. The news reports are full of charming anecdotes surrounding this man and his accomplishment. My favorite is the one where his brother recounts how he once asked Don, doesn’t he ever get tired of eating the same thing over and over again? Don reportedly replied, “Sometimes I eat them upside down.” Turning the burger over 180 degrees is enough to rearrange the order in which the flavors enter his mouth. Here are some other fun facts about this story:

* His wife said that she’ll put up with it until she has to put them in a blender to feed them to him. After that she’s drawing the line.
* It took 8,700,000 sesame seeds to make all the burgers Gorske ate.
* Speaking of counting, all the reports note how he has OCD and that’s why he keeps every receipt and every box, but no one seems to put it together that perhaps his obsession with the sandwich itself is a manifestation of his OCD.

Man To Eat His 25,000th Big Mac Today

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