Cops Remove Nonstop Cellphone Talker From Amtrak

A woman boarded one of Amtrak’s “quiet cars” – special train cars set up where cellphone use and other loud noises are verboten – and proceeded to talk loudly for 16 hours on the moving train on her cellphone before police removed her.

The woman was not taken off the train simply for talking. There is no formal policy that prevents Amtrak passengers from talking on their phones while the train is moving, even inside designated “quiet cars.” However after the other passengers finally confronted her, she allegedly got into a “verbal altercation” with them. That was the cause train staff needed to alert police to take her off the train.

How effective are you at telling people on public transportation that they’re being rude? Sound off in the comments.

Loud cell-phone talker removed from quiet car by police [The Lookout] (Thanks to Grant!)

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