Mastercard's Merchant Violation Form Only Accepts 100 Characters

I guess Mastercard has gotten tired of hearing long-winded consumer complaints about stores breaking their merchant agreement with them. The form on their website where you’re supposed to make complaints says that you can use a max of 5,000 characters, but when you actually go to type something in, it won’t let you enter in more than 100. Perhaps they would rather consumers tweet their complaints?

UPDATE: MasterCard Fixes Merchant Violation Form

The merchant agreement is the contract between the store and the credit card company. It outlines various restrictions and lays out what a merchant can and can’t do when processing your credit card. For instance, a store isn’t supposed to make you show photo ID along with your credit card. If they do, you can report them to the credit card company. Just remember to make it shorter than a Tweet.

Mastercard Worldwide Merchant Violation [Mastercard] (Thanks to Kevin!)

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