Overseas, Groupon Pockets Money From Unredeemed Vouchers

Oh, Groupon. Always offering to make life better with half of Middle Eastern fare or with a discount waxing, then turning around and getting all grabby and greedy. It’s worse overseas, as apparently, Groupon gets to pocket the money from any unredeemed vouchers.

The Wall Street Journal (via Gawker) reports that Groupon gets a large percentage of revenue from the coupons sold through overseas affiliates than it does in the U.S. Here, Groupon pays merchants based on the vouchers sold.

But in the U.K. and elsewhere, if a customer doesn’t cash in a voucher, Groupon keeps all that cash!

So is this where we start the “USA! USA” chant?

Groupon’s Uneven Fee Split on Overseas Deals [Wall Street Journal]

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