Free Sample Letters For Dealing With Credit Bureaus

Cleaning up a dirty credit report usually involves a lot of letters. Because just mustering the strength to sit down and face this task may have already drained you of your creative juice, via Frugal For Life here are a few sample letters you can use when dealing with the credit bureaus, debt collectors and creditors. Use them as Madlibs or as inspiration to kick your own cleanup spree into high gear.

* Letter to get inaccurate info removed from credit report
* Followup letter if there’s no response from the credit bureau
* Letter telling debt collector to cease contact
* Letter asking debt collector to validate or prove that they own the debt they’re collecting on
* Letter asking creditor to remove an unauthorized credit inquiry from your account (because it brings down your credit score)

The 14 Best Ways to Repair Credit [Frugal For Life]

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