Lil' Drums Ice Cream Cone Packages Now Even More Lil'

Fans of Nestle’s perfectly dessert-sized mini Drumsticks will be disappointed this summer. While the individual cones have stayed the same size, there are now only ten to a box instead of the former twelve. Update: Nestle let us know that the change is actually the other way around: the package is becoming less lil’, not more.

Alert reader Victor spotted the change and sent it in:

With summer right around the corner, the grocery shrink ray has hit Nestle
mini drumstick ice cream novelties just this week. The old package (with
the same UPC) on the right had 12 drumsticks and was 27 oz. The new
“improved” summer-spoiling version on the left is only 10 drumsticks and
22.5 oz for the same price. Uh, thanks, Nestle for the stealth ~17% price
increase – don’t try blaming this on La Niña weakening!


Perhaps they can claim it’s all part of an effort to fight childhood obesity. Everyone’s into that right now.

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