12 Descendants Of Lumber Baron Split $100 Million Inheritance 92 Years After His Death

You may not be able to take your money with you after you die, but with the right legal obstacles in place you can prevent anyone else from touching it for nearly a century. That was proven by a lumber baron who was so unhappy with his descendants that he stipulated his fortune wouldn’t be dispersed until 21 years after his last living grandchild died.

ABC News reports the requirement has finally been fulfilled, since his last grandchild alive at the time of his death passed away in 1989. Now 12 descendants will get to split up $100 million the baron left behind.

An author and attorney quoted in the story says she’s never heard of a trust or will with similar requirements, saying “I think this is beyond creativity. It’s more of an insult.”

His family tried to break the trust over the decades, claiming the baron was not of sound mind, but were never able to free up the money. A court order states the funds will be dispersed this month, and the descendants have agreed upon how to split it up.

$100 Million Finally to Be Split Between Descendants, 92 Years After Rich Relative’s Death [ABC News via MetaFilter]

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