Lightning Fan Outsmarts HOA's No Sign Rule

A Tampa Bay Lightning fan showed his support over his team getting into the Eastern Conference finals by putting a sign on his lawn that said “Go Bolts!” which was unfortunately in violation of his Homeowner Association’s “no signs” rule. They informed him of this violation via a letter with a picture of his house, a letter that also revealed a caveat. Security signs were allowed. So at the top of the sign he wrote in small letters, “Protected by:” and at the bottom he wrote “security.” Nice deke!

While it’s pretty funny to get one over the HOA, you did sign a contract when you moved in there agreeing to abide by the homeowner’s association rules. If you wanted to live in a neighborhood that allowed lawn signs, you should have picked a different one.

So much for community support. This infuriates me… [Reddit] (Thanks to Fataflunkie!)

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