Fisticuffs Erupt When iPad 2 Goes On Sale In Beijing

Four people were sent to the hospital when the crowd outside Beijing’s number one Apple store turned violent as they stormed to get their hands on the new iPad 2 when it went on sale there this weekend, reports AFP.

Allegedly, a stampede started after an Apple employee waded into the crowd to push and beat people who seemed to be jumping the line. Yes, “beat people.” After the employee pulled back, the crowd stormed forward in anger over the beating, smashing the glass front door to a pile of glass and shoving security guards. Four people had to go to the hospital after getting caught up in the melee.

Apple didn’t respond to AFP’s request for comment.

Maybe people were so keyed up because even though China makes most of the iPads, the citizens there only got to buy the iPad 2s in their home country just now.

Four injured in iPad fight at Beijing Apple store [AFP]

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