Best Buy Considers Getting Into The Electric Car Business

Electronics giant Best Buy has been watching as online retailers chip away at its market share and a growing number of customers use the store as a showroom for products they will ultimately buy online. But some at the company see a future in a product that isn’t as easy to sell over the internet: electric vehicles.

“We are having conversations with some of the startups,” a Best Buy exec tells Automotive News. “I would say the conversations are going well. We are very excited about several partnerships that we can’t talk about yet.”

The retail chain figures that the sheer volume of foot traffic into its more than 1,000 stores would be just what some of the smaller EV makers need to get a foothold in the auto market.

“We probably get more traffic in a weekend than some of these dealers do in a month,” explains the Best Buy biggie.

The electronics chain has been edging its way into the EV market. Later this year, the store will begin offering installation of home chargers for the Ford Focus Electric and Mitsubish i EVs.

“It’s not a short-term play for us,” the BB executive tells Auto News. “This is a long-term business for us to be in.”

Best Buy considers EV sales []

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