Apple Keeps Demoting iPods, Moves Them To Accessory Racks In Stores

While the iPod was a revolutionary gadget when it first hit the market in 2001, now the ability to play music files or stream them from the Internet on a portable device is something that we take for granted. Apple is continuing the slow, graceful retirement of the iPod by moving the devices to the “accessory” racks in its stores, freeing up display counter and table space for more current gadgets.

The change is part of a store redesign that’s happening next week, 9to5Mac reports. One important change, other than the iPod demotion, is that items will no longer have iPads sitting next to them serving as virtual brochures and smart price tags.

That has long been a normal part of displays in Apple Stores, but the redesign will make the price tag and product information part of the demonstration mode of the item itself. Except, of course, for the Apple Watch: those will keep their iPad buddies.

Apple to simplify retail stores by demoting iPods to shelves, dropping iPad Smart Signs [9to5Mac]

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