White Castle Now Taking Online Orders

Ever in the technological vanguard — witness the science behind their square burgers and those drop-down ketchup hose thingies — White Castle yesterday announced they are taking online orders. Call it the iCrave?

White Castle’s ordering system will let customers create a free online account and then select their local eatery through a map. They can create their order from a menu and pay for it online or when they pick up.

“”Slider nirvana” is just a click away for White Castle’s die-hard Cravers because orders are now ready when they are,” said the company in a press release, noting that the service, “is especially beneficial for those with large orders.”

The company tested the online system in March in Minneapolis before deciding to roll it out nationwide.

Just imagine, if the service had been around 7 years ago, Harold and Kumar probably would have only been 15 minutes long.

Online Ordering Now Available in All White Castle Locations [Press Release] (Thanks to David!)

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