Pickpockets Target Starbucks Customers

While you’re taking a break with a relaxing Trenta of Pike’s Peak Roast coffee at Starbucks, a thief could be silently snagging your wallet, reports the New York Times.

A review of crime stats and police anecdotes show that Starbucks are a favorite haunt for New York pickpockets. Part of the reason they keep showing up in reports is there’s just so damn many of them, increasing the likelihood a crime will happen there. But that’s not all. Thieves get to choose from a dense concentration of stationary targets with wallets, purses, and laptops ripe for the plucking as their owners are distracted by their beverages, daydreaming, or pounding away on their Blackberries.

Reached for comment, the chain told NYT, “Customers should always be aware of their surroundings when in public places, whether at one of our stores or elsewhere.”

Indeed, even when you’re chilling in your “second home,” you need to stay mindful of your belongings to thwart thieves preying on the unwary.

As the Careless Order a Latte, Thieves Grab Something to Go [NYT] (Thanks to Howard!)

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