Allegations Of Photography Cause Plane Evacuation, 2.5-Hour Delay On United Flight

When did “taking photographs” become “suspicious behavior” on a plane? Because that’s exactly what caused an entire United flight to return to its gate, be evacuated and inspected, leave 2.5 hours late and forced to make an additional stop because of the delay.

According to Denver’s Channel 7, the United flight to Santa Ana, CA, had left the gate and preparing to take off, when a passenger reported suspicious activity — that is, taking photos — by a trio of passengers.

The plane returned to the gate, where it was met by police and the TSA. The obviously dangerous trio, along with their accuser, were questioned by authorities while the entire plane was evacuated and swept for terrorist-type stuff… like credit card readers, we guess.

More than two hours later, the passengers were finally on their way to Californinia. But because of the delay, the flight now had to make a stop in Los Angeles before flying on to Santa Ana.

In a shocker, none of the men questioned for taking photos had actually done anything wrong. They were released and booked on a later flight. Hopefully they learned their lesson.

Report Of Suspicious Passengers Forces Plane Back To Gate []

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