Use Lettuce To Save Your Buns

Soggy bun syndrome has been known to afflict many a burger, but you don’t have to let it mess up your lunch. Sauces and toppings have a way of ruining the integrity of your buns, turning burgers into withering messes.

A Hamburger Today food review helps you out with a simple tip about how to protect your buns: Use lettuce as a barrier between your bun and toppings.

From the review:

The top bun (which was insulated from the patty with a layer of roughage) remained soft and squishy, but the bottom was almost completely dissolved by the time I finished eating. A good idea when you’re building your burger is to put a layer of lettuce on top and on the bottom of the patty to extend the lifespan of the bun (whaddya know–that iceberg lettuce has a purpose after all!)

What hacks do you use to keep food from getting soggy?

Stick Lettuce on the Bottom of Your Burger to Protect the Bun from the Juices [A Hamburger Today via Lifehacker]

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