Why You Need A Reserve Fund

Every nagging, Jiminy Cricket-like personal finance voice harps on you about how you need to build up a reserve fund or else the world will end in 2012 and the Cubs will never win the World Series. But the advise hardly stands on it’s own, because it’s boring just to sit on a large sum of money without investing or spending it.

A Lending Tree offers concrete reasons as to why it’s best to sock away enough money for you to survive on for a few months:

*A sudden expense. No one ever plans for major medical bills, home repairs or speeding tickets. But hey happen to everyone, and it’s better to have cash on hand than be forced to use a credit card.

*Losing your job. If you get canned, it could take a while to get back in the rat race. Without a reserve fund, you might need to face eviction or utility stops in addition to a stressful job hunt.

Check out the source links for other reasons to build up your reserves.

How much of a reserve fund do you have, and what have you had to use it for?

Financial Literacy: 4 Reasons to Create an Emergency Fund [Lending Tree]

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