As Mother's Day Approaches, Flower Deals Do Not Get Better

ProFlowers sends a lot of promotional e-mails, and Barry is on their list. While the deals on flowers get worse as a major dead-plant-sending holiday approaches, the contrast between one day’s deal and the next was extreme enough to make Barry ask, “How stupid do they think I am?”

I like ProFlowers, they do nice work. But they also send promotional e-mails nearly every day, which is annoying. However with Mother’s Day coming up, I was paying attention, looking for a good deal.

So here is one deal I received on April 27: 20 tulips, a vase, and a box of chocolates for $29.99.


Then on April 28, I received this deal: 20 tulips with NO chocolate, but “FREE shipping” for $39.99, $10 more! How stupid do they think I am???


Well, not smart enough to have taken Wednesday’s deal. The question is, if you saved the previous day’s e-mail and clicked on it, would that price still be available? Even if so, this is capitalism at work.

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