Rising Gas Prices May Lead To Fuel Surcharge Increases On Shipments

Surging gas prices affect not only those with gas guzzlers, but potentially just about every product you buy. Rising shipping costs will likely be passed on to consumers, who will have less money to cover the costs because of other ways expensive gas is sucking them dry.

The New York Times reports expected surcharge hikes in rail and truck shipments come at the worst possible time for the struggling economy, quoting a gloomy economist:

“The manufacturing sector is hit disproportionately hard by higher diesel prices. Simply to move all this stuff around, it is really hard to affect any cost savings. You have little in the way of alternatives.”

The story quotes experts who say fuel costs affect both rail and truck shipments, but hit trucks much harder, thus improving business opportunities to rail companies. At least someone is coming out ahead in this misery.

Shippers May Raise Fuel Fees [The New York Times]

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