UPS Sends Yet Another Package Back To 2009

For me, half of the fun in ordering things online is watching the package find its way to me through the shipping service’s online tracking system. The UPS package that Dean is waiting for won’t provide him with that pleasure, though, because it has apparently been sent back to 2009 for delivery. Well, that, or UPS continues to recycle its tracking numbers.

Dean writes:

I ordered some items online yesterday. I checked the UPS tracking number and it showed the package was shipped on 4/24/11 and delivered on 12/3/2009. See attached file. I called UPS and asked the customer service rep if they send packages back in time. The CSR said she would check. I was quite interested because I would like to send some stock tips to myself.

After a few question and getting put on hold a few times, the CSR finally realized what I was asking about. After getting placed on hold one more time, she came back and said that UPS reuses their tracking numbers. She told me I should call the site I ordered from to make sure that they sent the package and that the status would update with new dates once the package is delivered.


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