Criminal Breaks Into Blogger's Home, Steals Everything But Wii

In perhaps the most telling evidence yet that it’s time for Nintendo to release that new console it just announced, a robber ransacked a video game journalist’s home, stealing everything but his Wii.

Blogging about the incident at Kotaku, the victim theorized that the left-behind game console, which has been slumping in sales for months, is so far past its expiration date that even thugs weren’t willing to swipe it.

An excerpt:

They took the 42 inch Westinghouse television. They took the PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360 was gone. The laptop that connected to my video capture device was gone as well. They even grabbed Emily’s laptop, which had been mostly hidden from view beneath one of the tables next to my couch. The living room was a complete mess, the entertainment center in shambles.

And sitting there on its shelf, seemingly untouched, was my Nintendo Wii.

If you’ve ever been robbed, what items were left behind — or taken — that surprised you?

It Really is Time for the Wii 2, According to the People who Robbed Me this Weekend [Kotaku]

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