Website Fires Film Critic Following Fabrication Accusation

A former New York Times film critic was canned by a website following an investigation into his review of Source Code, which contained language that made it appear as though the review could have been based upon an early draft of the script rather than the movie itself.

Deadline reports the controversy emerged after the movie’s director called out the review on Twitter:

“Find it odd Movieline choose to complain about Jeffrey Wright smoking a pipe, something in an old draft of the script thats not in the film.”

An anonymous source told Deadline that Movieline fired the critic following the investigation, and quotes a Movieline editor as saying “We’ve indeed been working hard for a week to ascertain exactly what happened.”

The critic told Movieline editors he attended a screening of the film and would submit a written explanation.

What role do movie reviews play in your entertainment choices? What sources do you trust?

Elvis Mitchell Terminated As Chief Film Critic Of Movieline Over Review Mystery [Deadline]

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