T-Mobile Isn't Sure How It's Going To Replace Phone Stolen In Shipment

Hey, T-Mobile, why is Autumn paying for service when her phone never reached her in the first place? She and her husband ordered their shiny new devices online, and one mysteriously disappeared while the package was in the hands of UPS. Well, not so mysterious: someone opened up the box and stole the phone. Two weeks later, she’s still waiting for the phone, a consistent answer from T-Mobile, or–let’s go crazy here–maybe both.

I am highly, HIGHLY, disappointed in the customer service my husband and I have received since we signed up for service on April 6th. We ordered phones online and I picked up the package at the UPS department here in town. When I got the package, it had been opened and resealed with clear tape and one of the phones was missing. That was on April 11th and we still have not received a phone replacement and every time we call we get different answers.

First I was told 3 days. When I called back on approximately April 16th, I was told a couple more days, beginning to middle of this week. On Tuesday, April 19th, I was told 7 days, then I called yesterday and was told they would have an update in 24 hours, I waited 24 hours, and then was told they didn’t know why I was told 24 hours because it takes 3 days. Today I demanded an answer, and was told that we had to wait 11-15 business days from April 19th before we got a new phone. From April 19th? Why April 19th, I thought a report was submitted right away on the 11th? And why do we have to wait so long to get a replacement phone, it is not our fault the phone was stolen! I was also told today, 10 days after my original complaint, that we could go to a T-mobile store (the nearest one is 32 miles away) and get a replacement handset.My husband went to UPS yesterday and they said they never received a claim from T-mobile. When I lost a phone through Sprint they overnighted one to me the same day.

I’m sorry but I should not have to drive 32 miles to the nearest corporate store to get a replacement phone we are going to have drive back to the store when we finally get our phone. We think it is completely ridiculous this “investigation” takes so long and we are the victims here having to wait forever to get a phone we can use, and being billed for it in the meantime.

Other T-Mobile customers have found help after pleading their case to the company’s executives. Harness the power of the executive e-mail carpet bomb, or contact any of these people at the top of the customer service heap.

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