Delta Warned About Mice Feces On Plane

Most people are worried about a seatmate that takes up more than their fair share of the seats, but on one Delta plane they should be more concerned about a far tinier co-passenger. CNN reports the FDA has sent Delta a warning letter (read it here) about mouse droppings “too numerous to count” onboard one of its planes.

The warning letter came after an inspection found “the presence of rodent excreta pellets and rodent urine stains” near the galley area. The droppings that were so great in number they could not be counted were found in the ceiling panels over the galley.

Delta pulled the plane from service for a cleaning and a wipe-down.

“The health and safety of Delta’s customers and employees are Delta’s top priority. We take this issue very seriously and have an established routine servicing program to inspect our aircraft,” a Delta spokesperson told CNN.

Delta warned about rodent droppings [CNN] (Thanks to Drew!)

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