Best Buy's Genius Plan For The Future Is To Become RadioShack

Back-to-back crappy financial quarters at the Big Blue Showroom (Best Buy) has the company looking to scale back their retail presence and, according to the Motley Fool, “begin opening more stand-alone small-box locations, targeting hundreds of new Best Buy Mobile stores selling the latest smartphone gadgetry within the next five years.” Wait… small stores… emphasis on wireless… why does that sound so familiar?

The Motley Fool says:

A small-box chain that specializes in selling wireless plans? That sounds a lot like RadioShack, a chain that also isn’t doing so hot. Wal-Mart is also in the process of taking over mobile kiosks within its warehouse clubs, so it too may jump into the fray. In short, this may not be the growth opportunity that Best Buy is hoping for here.

Then again, we suppose we can’t judge them. RadioShack manages to hang in there, asking for your telephone number and selling connector thingies, while other stores rise and fall. Why this is, we have no idea. We’ve always assumed they were selling something dubious in the back. (Not really, don’t sue us.)

Anyhow, we eagerly await Best Buy’s first unsanctioned free gun promotion.

Best Buy Still Doesn’t Get It [Motley Fool]

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