RadioShack Not Exactly Thrilled With Free Gun Giveaway At Montana Store

Earlier this week, a Montana electronics store identified as a RadioShack made national headlines by offering customers the option of getting a free gun if they signed up for Dish Network installation and service. But the folks at RadioShack HQ are quick to point out to Consumerist that, while the store may use the company name, its owner is acting on his own.

A rep for the Shack confirmed to Consumerist that the store in Hamilton is an independent dealer for a business that is not owned by RadioShack Corp., and that the Texas-based chain is not in support of the guns-for-satellite service promotion.

“This offer is not consistent with our recommended marketing practices for independent dealers,” the RadioShack rep tells Consumerist. “We are in discussions with the dealer to end the promotion.”

The store has been offering the deal since October. During that time, the owner claims that business has tripled. He also told the local newspaper that he intends on offering a similar deal for people who sign up for DirecTV service.

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